Political consulting

We provides political marketing consultancy services from upstream to downstream. The services offered is to winning the regional elections.

Media Consulting

Parajawara consulting will help your campaign identify key messages and reach voters with them through whatever tactic works best for each individual client. We offer direct mail, television and radio advertising, online advertising including voter targeted banner and pre-roll video ads, outdoor advertising, social media advertising and much more.

General Campaign Consulting

A campaign needs a strong structure and experienced leadership at the top helping the candidate make tough decisions. Parajawara consulting can act as a campaign’s General Consultant, helping to develop overall strategy and procedures and implement them.

Polling and Survey Research

Without accurate public opinion data, most campaign strategy is just a guessing game. Vision Media provides affordable polling solutions to local campaigns using innovative methods that deliver actionable data with manageable costs.

Election Victory

Parajawara consulting is committed to helping you to win regional elections, central and local legislative members, and provincial, district and city general elections.

Parajawara cosulting is willing to help you win the election by utilizing a decent political marketing instrument.

Policy Marketing

This service is made by Parajawara consulting for public officials in the executive and legislative branches at the central and regional levels, within State-Owned Enterprises / Governments wishing to succeed their policies and / or streamline the management of the institutions they manage. This service is also available to specialized agencies such as central banks, semi-state commissions or state high institutions.

For elected public officials in elections, the policy-marketing assistance of PolMark Indonesia will make it easier for them not to win seafaring elections as well as successful public officials carrying out mandates, management of representation and enforcement of accountability. In this form, they will be assisted by PolMark Indonesia, among others, to fulfill campaign promises and make government effective for the public good.

Through Parajawara consulting policy-marketing  also seek to assist institutions with special needs, for example to improve their weak political position with others or to address critical, important and sensitive issues.

Research & Insights

  1. Public survey research
  2. Qualitative research
  3. Predictive analysis
  4. Social media analytics
  5. Competitive intelligence
  6. Influencer and stakeholder mapping

Strategic Communication & Public Affairs

  1. Reputation management
  2. Crisis communication
  3. Digital and Social Media strategy
  4. Grassroots/Grassstops campaigns
  5. Personal branding
  6. Personal branding activation
  7. Personal brand communication
  8. Personal brand engagement
  9. Voters behavior