PARAJAWARA Training Trailers

We provide training trailers that we have conducted, so you could have comprehensive understanding about how we will train your team through interactive and attractive methodologies.


Twenty two senior leaders from a State Owned Enterprise was taking a retreat to Yogyakarta to implement the fundamental leadership for millennials in their team.

Yes, because leaders do need to have the requisite competencies, but more importantly, they must be able to deliver on the commitments of inspiring others, engaging teams, innovating intentionally, achieving results, and essentially, becoming purposeful.


Often when we offer Leadership training, company leaders ask for a semi-military training program to improve discipline and change the mindset of employees.

The right mindset and high discipline, proven to improve the performance of individuals and companies.

Change your mindset, Transform your life


Sales people make the world go around because sales transactions generate corporate earnings that bring multiplier effects to the economy through increased purchasing power.

Sales skills need to be trained in a tiered and continuous manner as it is the key success factor for company to grow. Sales skills are very unique because it is an art but requires high discipline.

Parajawara provide training not only to improve sales skills but also to shape the character of professional salespeople. There is a big different between “I know how to swim” and “I can swim”